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DIPTYCH was founded by ali zedtwitz and valerie lange
in march 2009. they were both born on a friday the 13th and
believe in good karma and free weekends.

DIPTYCHʼs first womenswear collection "iʼm a victim of this song"
for spring/summer 2010 was presented in tokyo. in april 2010,
DIPTYCH was among the finalists at the 25th international festival
of fashion & photography in hyères.

all collections are given the name of a song that captures
DIPTYCH's mood of the moment. the song in question is the only
comment that valerie and ali will make on any given collection.

ali and valerie like pomegranate in the salad, D-shirts, graphic novels,
india (although they have never been there), the zollamtsbrücke,
apple trees, betty beaumont, reed organ, flat shoes and hip hop.

in accordance with their beliefs, valerie and ali choose to work with
either gots-certified fabrics or selected qualities from overproduction.
DIPTYCH works together with small and local production companies
to realize its garments.

DIPTYCH likes to work in open structures. work and inspiration
are led by coincidence, feelings and mood. decisions are taken
spontaneously and incoherently.





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